Eat, meditate, love

You surely know the famous movie inspired by the book of the same name. The writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, is a woman who is looking for herself. Decides to undergo an annual journey "around the world." In Italy, it tastes local specialties and enjoys its culture and atmosphere. In India, he seeks to understand his own inside, and in Indonesia he meets true love.
Inspire yourself!
Do you want to experience what the author of the book is experiencing? So don't hesitate and plan your pilgrimage too. It's up to you to what corner of the world you're heading. You take a lot of experience and experiences. You will recognize the local mentality and maybe even love! Do you know how to kiss properly? Do you say it's obvious that everyone can do it? Maybe so, maybe not. But you would have wondered, another region, a different mrav, and so even in the "ordinary mouth" can be huge differences. So don't hesitate and start your search!