Get your power in the city!

They always have to get started! This is also true in our cool online game of breathing games, where you become a Mafián. At the beginning you are virtually helpless, you have no respect and you do not own any property. Of course, it is enough to be patient and careful, though not very legally, to conquer too much and you can rule the whole city or even the whole world! Embark on a gangster journey, experience adventure, adrenaline and real gangster battles.
Free and immediately!
No ordering and waiting is needed before the game comes to your home. Simply register and start the game from your browser. There is nothing simpler than to rule the world from a computer. Among other things, it is also a way to get respect in the real world, because it is only on the gaming community, if it arranges some meetings and just at these events you can be the dreaded, the famous one!