The end of the sparse mane!

A rich mane is a proof of healthy hair. No woman would wish to have a thin scalp on his head, which is not delivered to anyone, and at first sight shows that the kaiders of her wearers are unhealthy and damaged. But sometimes it is necessary to intervene, nature does not solve everything. If you have curls irreverently damaged, or if you have them short and you want them to have a long admitting, we recommend to consider extending the hair. It's cheap, fast and reliable.
Quick Method
With the elongation properties of your curls, you can be one absolutely sure – you don't spend all day in the hairdresser's chair. Although it may seem at first glance that this procedure must be lengthy and unsuitable for your pike, the opposite is true. These are very gentle methods, which will result not the mane damaged, but on the contrary bright and magnificent!