Underestimate preparations

Is your day D coming, your life event? Every bride presents her wedding as a perfect and the best. Let's say, however, the Straighfit, the preparation is usually challenging and not always everything is done according to our wishes and ideas. Have you decided not to put the preparations in the hands of the wedding agency, but all the furnishing lies on your shoulders? When deciding on the place of the ceremony, you have chosen a romantic meadow near the pond, where you have given your first date. Yes, weddings in nature are flying today, but they need to be thought through to the greatest details.
Originality and functionality in one
You sent invitations to about fifty family members and your closest friends. You decided to settle them into white chairs adored with white roses, between which you lay a red carpet, after which you will walk to the altar. All of this is certainly beautiful, but you have wondered where to hide the guests if you have a summer umbrella. Think about party tents. Perfect for a natural environment. For these purposes they are completely functional and in addition, if you decorate them with flowers, the environment will be breathtaking.